I Don't Want To Kill You

I've got a trilogy for you.

I have pitched Dan Wells' books to you before. I Am Not A Serial Killer is a better debut novel than anybody could hope for. Mr. Monster, the sequel, is a better sequel than any of us had any right to expect.

Today the third volume of the John Cleaver trilogy hits the street, and with I Don't Want To Kill You Dan Wells performs the literary equivalent of knocking the ball screaming out of the park and into low-Earth-orbit where it is currently protecting our planet from incoming meteors.

Our protagonist in all three books is a disturbingly bright young man named John Cleaver who has self-identified as a sociopath, but who really does not want to become a serial killer.

What he wants, and what lies before him are not necessarily the same thing. I don't want to spoil these for you any further, but let me say that I believe a true hero is not defined by great strengths. A true hero struggles against deep faults and critical weaknesses, risking everything to do something truly important.

Dan Wells knows how to write that kind of hero, and he does it horrifyingly (and gloriously!) well.

The whole trilogy is out now. Go get it. You won't regret it, although you might not sleep easy until you've finished reading all three books.