I found the camera cable!

Schlock Mercenary Warning Sign Magnet Prototypes

It never fails. Jump into the shower? The phone rings. Lie down for a nap? The phone rings. Up to your shoulders delivering a breach elephant calf? The phone rings. Post a blog entry with no pictures? Find the stupid camera cable.

Pictured here to the right are the prototypes for the new Schlock Mercenary Magnetic Miniature Warning Signs. They're 1/4" acrylic with a magnetic backing, and they're around 1.75" square. Obviously you'll all be wanting the "biohazard" sign for your refrigerator, but what about putting that "microwave laser" sign on your microwave? Or that "flammable" sign on your pot of chili?

We'll get these put up in the store in the next day or two. We're still working on pricing (read: haggling) with our supplier. It looks like the full set of eight will set you back $20 +s&h, while individual magnets will be somewhere between $3.50 and $5.00 +s&h.

If you're coming to InConjunction a month from now, I'll have these with me. I'll also have them at Comic-Con in San Diego in six weeks.