I knew I liked these guys for a reason

Hooking up with the team here at Blank Label Comics always made sense, business-wise. And I never had any doubts about their chops in the art department, either -- especially since to the last man they bust my chops. Well, the nominations are in for the Webcartoonists' Choice Awards, and four of the nine BLCers garnered nominations. Not only that, Kris Straub took SIX nominations all by himself. (One of them is "Outstanding Science Fiction Comic." I keep telling myself I should have him killed before it is too late.) The nominated strips, which you should be reading, are: Congratulations are in order. Have a look at the pertinent BLC thread here, and shout some praise at the men I'm humbled to call "peers." (Except for Kris. He still might get the old "slow poison" when next we meet...)