I Need Two Things, Maybe You Can Help! (Revised 3/18/09)

**I've found what I need.  Thanks for your interest.**

I need two things, and I'm sure there are schlockers out there who can provide them. Yes, this is a call for help. A "bleg," even.

1) Somebody local to us who can tutor Sandra on InDesign for a couple of hours. Specifically, she needs help laying a mostly-text book with a few illustrations. She'll need this help in the next two weeks.

2) Somebody with enough digital modeling and rendering experience to do a set of rotations for me based on line art I provide. I need this in the next seven days if at all possible. Yes, there will be spoilers in the line-art. Stop drooling.

If you can help with any of this, email schlockmercenary@gmail.com.