I overate.

Ex Post-Feasto
entry, Friday, November 25th, 2005

I overate. We set a table for eight, and food enough for three times that many people. Chalain and Chaliren joined me and mine for a Thanksgiving feast, and we feasted together.

I'm overjoyed. The highlight of the meal for me whas when my two-year-old announced over a mouthful of pumpkin-bread: "I thankful for my family." He knows what's important, AND he knows how to use pronouns. And I've spent enough time with him to be able to notice.

I'm overwhelmed. It was not my intention when posting my Thankful missive that you should empty your pockets at me, but some of you did exactly that. I wasn't expecting it. I was surprised by it. I was trying to say "my family is more important to me than money ever was," and you, fair reader, responded by sending money. I don't think I'm going too far when I say that I regard the donations you send as a sacred trust. Especially not when some of you say things like "It's not much, but it's all I had in my Paypal account, so here you go." And then what you send feeds my whole family for a day. Together you've paid for groceries for at least the next three months, and I'm overwhelmed.

I need to stop talking about money. But before I do, I want to say one more thing: Some of you suggested that I should "buy something nice," or "something for myself." I assure you, I respect your donations far too much to spend them on anything frivolous. Sandra and I are very careful with our budgeting and our business planning, and every dime that comes in goes towards keeping me working at home, spending time with the family, and keeping you stocked with daily Schlock. Yes, that means not buying name-brand pancake syrup, fast food, or the toy-of-the-moment. I assure you, we live providently and happily, even without burning up the Paypal account on pizza and video games.

Enough of that. Thank you all.

They've Torn Down The Inn
Friday, November 25th, 2005

Long-time cartoonist Brad Guigar, one of my inestimable peers here at Blank Label, ran a strip for years which was about the actors, actresses, and other critters who perform in a comic strip. Greystone Inn was a comic within a comic, but after five years the core franchise went belly up, and the entire staff at Greystone Inn got pink slips.

(Note: For those of you not "in" on the joke, the above paragraph describes two layers of meta-humor -- the first being Brad's own comic-within-a-comic concept, and the second being my between-the-lines suggestion that the end of the comic-within-a-comic was a real-world event. And if you're having trouble following all that, you're not alone, and you now know why Greystone Inn folded.)

Life goes on, however. Brad's work continues to unfold, as the blonde, buxom superheroine known as "Lightning Lady" moves on to work for Evil, Inc.. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that her new workplace bears a striking resemblance to every large workplace I've ever accepted paychecks from. The key difference is that the evil being done isn't being done surreptitiously. It's so nice to have it out in the open.

I'd also be lying if I didn't say that I think Miss Match is much better looking than Lightning Lady, but that's not why you're going to go read Brad's new strip. You're going to go read it in hopes of someday finding employment for a company that ADMITS it's in the business of doing Evil.

Fridays at the Keep
Friday, November 25th, 2005

As I mentioned earlier this week, I'm in the process of turning the local comic-book shop into my "remote office" on Friday afternoons. I'm planning to be there this afternoon. I've got a couple of marker pieces I really want to do, and getting out to do them always seems to work well. Last week I pencilled and inked two strips at Dragon's Keep, and then stayed out late playing a blended d20 "rockets and rayguns" campaign.

Tonight I'm hoping to get myself invited to participate in a classic fantasy RPG. We'll see what happens. I'm bringing my dice.

At any rate, the folks at Dragon's Keep assure me that you're welcome to stop by during business hours and shop, throw down in a pick-up game, or jut hang out. I'll be there sometime after 3:00pm. Can't make it this week? That's fine. I'm also told that unless I start peeing on the carpet or otherwise demonstrating that I'm not a housebroken cartoonist, I can come by and draw stuff EVERY Friday. And I plan to.