I've got two refutations for you

Well, some of you may be saying to yourselves that today is actually the last day of the 20th century, and hence the last day before the beginning of the new millennium. After all, the first century began with the year 1, A.D., rather than the year 0, right?

I've got two refutations for you.
First of all, if you've ever paid attention when your odometer rolled over, you were excited about all the zeros... not the 1 stray mile that appeared next. I mean, with everything else that we count using big, round numbers, we pay attention to the zeros (except when we count using kilobytes, in which case we count in powers of two... 1024, 2048, 4096, etc. But I digress).

Secondly, the rest of the planet threw their party a year ago. You can get down and scream and shout all you wanna, but you are a year late. Sorry, man. We thought about waiting around, but, hey, it was just you.

Ah, well. Perhaps the next big celebration should take the information age into account. Let's gear up for a big Y2KB party in 2048.