I Wore A Tuxedo To The Library

I got up early this morning, threw on my tuxedo, and went to the Orem Public Library.

I know, I know, everybody else seems to be tweeting and blogging April Fools pranks, why should you believe me when I say I dressed up for a 7:45am trip to the library? Because everybody knows THE LIBRARY DOESN'T EVEN OPEN UNTIL NINE.

(Well... everybody who happens to be an upstanding library patron.)

But I'm neither pranking nor lying. Not yet anyway. Tonight, however, I may tell a few whoppers. 

Tonight is the Utah's Biggest Liar competition at the Orem Public Library. The event begins at 6:00pm with the youth tellers. The adults begin fabricating at 7:00pm. Me? I'm the Master of Ceremonies, or "emcee" as we say in "the biz." I will provide some prevarication, some "filler fibs" during the show. And yes, I'm wearing a tuxedo. 

This morning the local ABC affiliate did a couple of three-minute spots, and I was on camera for at least 15 seconds. I was loaded for bear during those 15 seconds of fame -- I wore the tuxedo. I also said lovely things about the Good Morning Utah program, mostly because the reporter wanted me to tell some real whoppers on camera. "The only thing that could make this program better is if it ran ALL DAY LONG," I said. 

I doubt ABC will ever invite me back, tuxedo notwithstanding.

Happy April First, everybody. If you're in the area and love storytelling, you can come see Utah's Biggest Liar for free, and we'll throw in Utah's Tuxiest Cartoonist at no additional charge.