I'm at Chimaeracon, in San Antonio

ChimaeraconIf you live in or around San Antonio, you can find me at Chimaeracon this weekend. The convention is being held in the convention space at the Crossroads Mall, 4522 Fredricksburg Road, and runs from 5pm to 10pm tonight (Friday) and then from 8am to Midnight on Saturday, and from 8am to 7pm on Sunday.

Marc Singer, John Picacio and I are the guests of honor, but for the truly hardcore I think the real fun is the gaming space. Whether you like console games on the 360, tabletop games in pewter, card games, board games, or traditional pencil-and-paper role-playing, you'll find it happening at Chimaeracon.

I'll have some posters, books, and prints for sale, but I'll probably be throwing down in one of my favorite games like Frag or Munchkin. Or maybe I'll role-play for a bit. I don't know yet.

This is a convention where you come to play (and play, and play, and play.) I hope to see you there!