I'm Back. SDCC was Awesome

Comic-Con International, aka San Diego Comic-Con, was wonderful. It would have been better had I not lost my voice on Saturday, but on Sunday I decided to draw up a few signs allowing me to distribute flyers.

I would hold up a sign that said PLEASE TAKE A SAMPLE, and catch the attention of a passer-by.

He/she would usually look at me wondering why I was using a sign, at which point I would gesture at a sign propped up to my right that said I LOST MY VOICE.

They'd smile, express sympathy, and take a flyer. I would then spin my "take a sample" sign to the other side, which said "THANK YOU."

Then they'd really grin, and sometimes laugh. At that point I'd often reach for a sign that said "THE PITY CARD. I AM PLAYING IT" and there'd be more laughter.

It's one of the more effective gimmicks I've dreamed up. It's a shame it'll only work when I'm sick.

Speaking of which, I'm still sick. I drove home with the help of four or five of those little two-ounce energy drinks and some pseudoephedrine. I timed it just right, too. I didn't collapse from the shakes until I walked into my house twelve hours after departure.

I'll blog more later. For now I need to convalesce (pun intended...)