Impending Conventioneering

I need to get back to scripting stuff, but let me take a moment to to direct you to my 2012 Appearance Schedule, since the odds are good that I'll be within 250 miles of a lot of you (assuming a lot of you live within 250 miles of NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, Indianapolis, Huntsville, or Salt Lake City.)

Some immediately impending highlights:

In just two days I'll be at Life, The Universe, and Everything: The Marion K. Smith Symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy (but you can call it LTUE, unless you're a dispassionately semi-literate monkey-sloth and want to pronounce it "lute") along with the whole Writing Excuses crew -- Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Producer Jordo "@MonkeySloth" Sanderson. Utah has a fantastic community of genre-fiction writers, and this event is in large measure the reason for that. It's in the Sorensen Center on the UVU campus in Orem. If you're in Utah you shouldn't miss this.

Just a month later I'll be in New York for Lunacon. You should know about this now because memberships are $50 up until February 20th, 2012, after which the price goes up to $60 (children ages 6-12 are $20 until February 20th and will be $30 afterwards.) You can pre-register at Also, note that discount rooms are going fast. The code for those is Luna12.

A mere two weeks after that I'll be at the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. Why am I attending a horror convention? Mostly because Mike Mignola is the guest of honor, and how can I miss that if it's just 40 miles from my house?