In other news

I'm worried. Today (May 8th) I'm stuck in Las Vegas at Networld Interop (note to Schlockers at N+I--I'm around the Novell display, and I'm wearing a red Novell shirt and tan pants) while my five-year-old goes on a field trip.

Her field trip is to a local public-service facility called the "Fire Safety Prevention Center."

Read it again, please.

Need I say more? Okay, okay, it's probably just a typo on the part of the field trip people. It's probably supposed to be the "Fire Safety and Prevention Center." But you know what I did? I looked for it in the phone book, under the city pages, and the closest I could come was an office called "Fire Administration."

So my research seems to show that my city taxes are being spent on the prevention of fire safety, and on occasional acts of arson. I'm glad I'm handy with fire-extinguishers and firearms. I'm not letting these self-styled "fire" men anywhere near my property.

In other news I took some heat (no pun intended) for my stylization of schizophrenia in Sunday's strip. I've added a footnote, by way of apology (if by "apology" you mean "shut up.")