In Your FACE

In Your FACE... AGAIN!!!
entry, -- 13:45 MST

Breaking news, folks.

I actually had my cholesterol measured TWICE -- once with the finger-prick, no-fasting-required test, and once two days later with the fast-for-twelve-hours-then-let-us-draw-blood test.

The first set of results, per the letter below, was 191. Only two people guessed lower than that, and one guy guessed 192 -- he won the contest.

The second set of results came back early. I wasn't planning on including them in the contest, but they put me in a good mood, so I will. Total serum cholesterol: 164.

My HDL was 39, my LDL was 111 or so, and my VDL was 14. (Or something like that. I'm reciting the numbers from memory. If they're wrong, I'll correct the letter.) Anyway, this puts me just a shade above the "below average cardiac risk" category, rather than a shade below the "above average cardiac risk" category where I was LAST year at this time.

Am I happy? You betcha. Did I rub all y'all's noses in my ace results, what with NOBODY guessing lower than the actual number? Yes, I think I did. Hand me a pen, and I'll take your names too, you pessimistic lipoprotein-LOSERS.

(Except for "BBlalock," who guessed 168... I'm adding him to the list of people I need to give artwork to. And yes, Kelly Price still gets one.)

In Your FACE

Nobody guessed my cholesterol accurately. NOBODY. Everybody hung out in the 210-275 range, which is the range I desperately wanted to get OUT of.

Guess what? I DID

Kelly "STrRedWolf" Price had one of the three lowest guesses on the boards, and missed my serum cholesterol level of 191 by only one with his guess of 192.

Kelly, thank you for your optimism. Email me and let me know what you want for a sketch.

Everybody else who played, well... thanks for playing. I love you all, but I hate all of you who guessed numbers above 200.

In other news, I broke buffer records today... the buffer stands at 37 as of this writing. I'm shooting for 42 this weekend. You know what would be cool? It would be cool if I could get my buffer up enough and my cholesterol DOWN enough that those numbers were the same.