Indianapolis, Indiana, InConJunction

InConJunctionIn just six hours I leave the cozy cocoon of my home here in suburbotropolitan Orem, Utah and head for Indianapolis. I'll have only spotty connectivity (no laptop these days, and I'm more productive without one).

If you live within driving distance of Indianapolis, you owe it to yourself, to me, and to science-fiction fandom to head over to InConJunction. After all, you're reading the blog underneath a science-fiction comic strip on the internet -- you're already nerdy enough to get passing marks at a sci-fi convention. But because it's Schlock Mercenary you're reading, you're also hip enough stand out. Yeah, you're not a demographic... you're a demolitiongraphic.

I have no idea what "demolitiongraphic" means. It does sound cool, though.

Anyway, come to InConJunction. I'll have books, warning signs, mousemats, Tagon Pins, T-shirts, and of course I'll be banging out free sketches, 'cause that's how I roll. I'll also have the penultimate draft of The Teraport Wars cover art, and a couple of copies of Sandra's book Hold On To Your Horses for you to handle and drool over.

Here is the full list of programming. And now, I need to finish packing...