Interacting with Today's Stream

As I mentioned in my last post, my UVU lecture on talent will be streamed live today at noon Mountain time at I'm not sure whether that system will have any facility for posting questions, but I am quite sure that more than a few of you would like to take a shot at asking one. Any Questions?If there is a way to ask questions via the stream I will announce it during the lecture. You know, over the stream. If not, it's still possible I'll be able to have someone monitor this very Blógünder Schlock page for questions. So... if you've got questions, ask 'em below. Yes, you'll need to register. Yes, it's possible your comment will get trapped in the moderation queue (though if you've posted comments before that shouldn't be a problem.) I'm afraid this is the best I can do on short notice. Note also that I'll cherry-pick the questions I like, so if there's an aspiring Larry King out there wanting to ask that hard-hitting question in front of a big audience, your fifteen minutes of fame as a pit-bull journalist are probably not anywhere on today's schedule. Sorry.