Thanks for all the cool links, everybody. Not only have you pounded on the previous thread with great information, some of you have also emailed me assorted goodies. It is interesting to note that I've also not received even a SINGLE anti-RPG/anti-D&D flame. Apparently the gravitics of Schlockiverse technology allow me to fly under the radar of The Evil Legion of Attack Ministries . (I'll just drop this payload and be on my way...) If you've emailed me, you may get a personalized response, but you also might not. Let me say, however, that pretty much ALL the email I have gotten on the subject was useful (yes, even yours. Don't be so humble. It was brilliant.) I will be compiling a link-list and making it permanently available on this site. I'll also write a little essay of my own on the subject. These things may have to wait a little while, though, because books are due to arrive Any Day Now, and when they do I'll be suddenly, suddenly busy. Which reminds me: pre-orders will be closing sometime on Tuesday, November 14th. If you want your book to ship before Thanksgiving (that Great American Celebration of Plenitude, Omnivorism, and Excess), please place your order now. Operators Web-servers are standing by.