It is now the last minute...

The Teraport WarsIf you've been waiting until the last minute to do your Christmas shopping, the last minute is here... assuming you're doing your Christmas shopping at the Schlock Mercenary Bookstore. If we can get it in the mail early on December 20th, the United States Postal Service assures us they can get it to you on or before Christmas Eve.

For this to work, you need to place your order by about 9am Mountain time on the 19th. That's 11am Eastern. Choose "Priority Mail" for your shipping, and you're all set.

Hold On To Your Horses, by Sandra Tayler, illus. by Angela CallWe're still offering free Priority Mail shipping for orders over $100, including international orders (though international orders won't arrive in time for Christmas.) All four books and a set of magnets (Back in stock! Woo-hoo!) come to exactly that, but there are shirts, mousemats, pins, podcast CDs, posters, and Sandra's children's book also available for filling up your cart. I should point out that if you're buying gifts for others, Hold On To Your Horses, pictured there to the right, is an excellent choice if there are picture-book-aged children on the list.

The local weather forecast for Friday the 19th says "lots of snow," which is just lovely because the roads are already covered with lots of snow from today's storm. But we will brave those roads for you! We will! Just be sure to get your order in early. Multiple trips to the post office are just not going to happen in that weather -- not even if you tell us we're ruining Christmas.