It's a Hit With The Listeners

We usually get nothing but positive feedback about our podcasts over at This week, however, the discussion under the 'cast has been especially enthusiastic, and listeners seem thrilled with the podcast itself. Here are some samples:
Thanks so much for this podcast! I love hearing you guys talk about this stuff... And Howard, thank you for finally hitting the nail on the head about Harry Potter. --Lauren B
I love you guys! I’ve been killing myself to try to come up with a decent magic system for a story, and I wake up this morning to find that you guys did a podcast on it! Get out of my head, get out of my head! --Faith_Cross
Wonderful! Interesting - insightful - fun! --LRK
I didn’t realize you were making up the example of Spock’s extra eyelids until you called them radioactive. --Cy Reb, Jr.
... I was listening to this podcast for the third time this morning, taking notes... --Guerry Semones
I absolutely loved this podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. And as always, I find your banter hilarious. --Steph
See? They like us. They really like us. Go have a listen.