'Jack and 'Caster

I finished these two up a few weeks ago. First, here's Cygnar's "Sentinel" series warjack. sentinel-front.jpg I'm most pleased with the way the rock under his foot and the pressure-gauge on his back turned out. Everything else is okay, if a little sloppy. sentinel-back.jpg Here's Cygnaran warcaster Commander Stryker. The arcane glow at his feet doesn't show up in photos quite as nicely as it does in real life, so I'm going to go ahead and blame the camera. stryker-front.jpg Again, I think this model is kind of sloppy, but the runes in his cloak did turn out nicely. stryker-right.jpg Today I'm going to take these, as well as their mostly-finished compatriots, and learn how to actually PLAY Warmachine by letting Gus down at the Keep school me thoroughly. And by "letting" I mean "trying my best to win, but failing anyway." I finished two weeks of comics this week, which is why I get to go out and play on Saturday instead of staying home and working. Yay, productivity!