January 07, 2004

Generosity, and Cthulhu

Well, y'all are certainly a generous bunch. In response to my last letter I've gotten more than a couple of unsolicited offers to hook me up with legit China Dolls CDs. I'm no fool. I'm taking advantage of them.

Many of you also pointed me at sites where I could buy the stuff myself. That solved half my problem, the other half being the part where Sandra had reduced my allowance to "as close to zero as makes no difference." Still, now I know where to go shopping. I just have to wait until some of these titles come available again, and Sandra is again allowing me to spend MY OWN &$#@%-HARD-EARNED MONEY!

And now, a pause, while my wife scowls at me in deadly earnest.


Sunday night, in the last few waking hours of my 16-day vacation from Novell I threw together a mascot draft for Fandemonium, a Sci-Fi convention being organized in Boise this coming August. They've invited me as a Guest of Honor (GoH, in Con-parlance), and even invited me to a pajama party in my honor. I guess GoH also can stand for "Garments-optional Howard." Frightening.

(Note: The colored Cthulhu is not my work, but belongs to Ian McConville of Mac Hall.)

Anyway, my silly little line-art, semi-chibi Cthulhu can be found here, just above a draft of the commemorative medallion/coin on which he'll appear. Too cool!

In other news, I'm back on the low-carb wagon. I've had too many poor-health days in recent months to not try SOMETHING, and the healthiest I've been was when I was on a low-carb diet and working out regularly. I've been back on the diet for 24 hours, in to the gym once, and I already feel better.

It HAS to be the diet. I flatly and obstinately refuse to even consider for a MOMENT that being back in my office at Novell has somehow energized me. I mean really...

(But it might be the gym.)