January 09, 2001

Welcome back, oh itinerant college students! I can tell that a whole raft of you just got back to schools around the world this week because I see your little hitsies in my logs. I suspect many of you are spoiled by your speedy connections at school... otherwise you would have been reading Schlock Mercenary during your vacation, like proper Schlock fans (of which there were many).

I guess this means I've got what political analysts call a "split demographic." Some of my fans are young, smart college students with an eye for keen humor, and some of my fans are smart, mature adults keeping up with the times by reading comics online. Fortunately, all of my fans are smart.

Another college student friend of mine is back online today. Corey Marie Kitley, the artist behind Common Grounds, is updating her strip again today. For those of you who have been cliff-hanging (like me) since December 19th, this is good news. Not cliff-hanging yet? Better start reading the romantic, comedic antics of coffee-shop managers Erik, Kirby, and Cyn from the beginning.

Not in the mood for romantic comedy? How about a rotund serving of comedic evil in the form of Herr Grossman, as dealt out by my favorite paid sycophant, Burke. I've been hooked on Diabolica for months now, and my only gripe is that Burke updates less often than I'd like him to (thrice weekly, down from 5 times a week). So go clobber his strip with your eyeballs, and email him asking for MORE MORE MORE (so I can get a better fix.) Remember, you're doing this for me, people.