January 10, 2001

The cackle of evil laughter rings cacklishly across the web-bracken, as the web-toonist surveys his handiwork. I now rule not one, but TWO webcomics, and in true, capitalistic, iron-fisted, ham-brained mental torpidity I will not relinquish my hold on either. My plot to take over the world is shaping up nicely, thank you very much.

*takes medication*

Whoa. I got a little carried away there.

I think what I MEANT to say is that my brother's computer is in the shop, so he asked me to do an update to his comic, Randym Thoughts. In order for me to do this, I had to have his FTP password, which I now have. Randym Thoughts is now my slave. It is my lap-dog. It is my lap-dancing slave dog. Err... my slave-dancing, doggone medication is taking longer than usual to kick in...

Where was I? I forget. Just go check out the truly Randym Thought I had while on a potty-break.