January 13, 2005

Cease Fire! Cease Fire

Wednesday morning I alerted readers to the fact that my wife is having a birthday. Her Amazon Wish List quickly turned into a cratered plain, with only smoking holes remaining after generous schlockers dispatched target after target.

It's good, folks. We're covered. Thanks for your generosity. I've swapped emails with a few of you to ensure that I have addresses to which I can send "thank you" notes with a little original artwork, but I'm sure I haven't got ALL your addresses. If you've sent something, please email me so Sandra and I get a chance to thank you for your gifts.

Oh, and if you haven't seen it yet, Monday morning Schlock Mercenary got websnarked. The snark assures me that his cat is home and healthy now, poor thing.

In unrelated news, this guy should get a Darwin Award. I'm saddened to see young people killed in car accidents, but this 21-year-old college senior died of humorous irony. In September Derek Kieper wrote an opinion piece entitled "Individual rights buckle under seat belt laws." He attacked legislation mandating the use of seatbelts, and admitted to not wearing them himself.

On January 4th he died in a car accident, thrown from the vehicle in which he was a passenger. The driver and one other passenger, both of whom were wearing their seatbelts, sustained "non-life-threatening injuries."

If any of Derek's family or friends are reading this, I'm sorry for your loss. My nomination for a Darwin award stands, however. Choice yields consequence, and a Darwin win for Derek would be a stern lesson for us all. Put your seatbelts on, you idiots.