January 14, 2001

Well, so much for this latest plot to take over the world. Not only is my brother back in charge of his website, but he's gone and drawn a caricature of me as a NASA scientist.

Fools mock, but they shall mourn. It says that somewhere in the bible, but I think the guy who said it was slightly more empowered than I when it comes to the whole "infliction of mourning" thing. Damn . Err, I mean 'darn.'

I had big plans for cranking out comics this week, and getting myself a full month ahead. Unfortunately my wife, whom I love dearly, and who knows what I like, if you know what I mean, checked out The Truth, by Terry Pratchett, from the local library. Terry rocks my world. I've read all 25 of his discworld books, and I have to say that this last one was excellent. Hilarious. Thought provoking, even.

So thought-provoking, in fact, that my thoughts got all up in arms, beat me into submission, tied me to a chair, and forced me to finish the book instead of drawing more comics. Fortunately, I'm still 24 days ahead. No need to panic. I have things under control.

I think the Bible also says something damning about "as a man thinketh." Darn my thoughts. Darn them to heck.