January 18, 2002

Well, that contest didn't last long... I was expecting the results to take weeks to get back, and I got them a mere day later. Rather than run the risk of someone cheating (like the nice folks at the Novell Fitness Center, who know my serum cholesterol level, and ALSO know I run an online comic strip, but who, as of this writing, have not put the two together), I'm ending the contest now.


That means that Philolaus wins, with a nice binary guess of 256.

That also means I need to do something about my cholesterol. 258 is too high.

In other news, if you are Philolaus, you need to edit your forum preferences so I can email you (in this way I'll know that it's you, and not someone claiming to be you.) Or you could post something on the forum that would allow me to contact you, but there is a higher risk to your privacy if you post an email address or (heaven forbid) snail-mail address on the forum.

That's all for now. I'm off to fill up on bran-cakes and oatmeal. Yummy!