January 19, 2001

Awright, you GOTTA see this. I mean you absolutely MUST see this. My new favorite fans (for the next few days, anyway), Dennis and Karen Stout, did some cool fan art for me... in 3-D. So click already.

In other news, I'll be running sound at the Garrens Comedy Troupe 8th Anniversary Extravasomethingorother tonight, Friday the 19th, in the ELWC on BYU Campus, and if you happen to be there, and happen to be one of the first three people to bring me a printed Schlock strip to autograph, I'll give you a little Schlock doodle. Because it's all about MY ego... not these silly Garrens, I tell you. I'm more than just a sound guy, but nooooo... they won't let me on stage to do REAL comedy.

End rant. I'm actually glad to be reprising my role as "sound guy" for them. It'll be fun. And they're putting a Schlock ad in the program for me, so I'm pretty pleased.