January 21, 2002

Over the last few days I cranked out a couple of pieces of marker art.
Schlock and Plasgun for Philolaus To the left is the piece I did for Philolaus, the winner of the serum cholesterol lottery (for the record, I came in at 258, and am therefore the undisputed loser of said lottery, and yes, I'm aggressively dieting now).
To the right is a piece I did for a college journalist who got a GREAT Schlock Mercenary write-up in his college paper. He and I conducted an interview by email, and the article won him all kinds of good attention from the newspaperly faculty. And then he got this nice piece of artwork sent off to him. If you're a collegiate journalist, I'm betting right now that he's cooler than you are. Or at least happier. But you, too, can be cool and happy: the offer still stands. Get the Schlock URL into an article in your paper, and I'll send you some artwork for free.

For those of you who did not successfully guess my serum cholesterol, and who have no journalistic services with which to score bribes, all is not lost. I have posted two pieces of colorful marker-art at the KeenSpot Auction page. The first auction closes on January 28th, and the second closes on the 29th. If you want to see those pictures, just click the links. If you want to have those pictures, well, you need to win the auction.