January 22, 2001

On Friday I posted some excellent 3-D fan art (sculpture, actually) from Dennis and Karen Stout. On Sunday I received "The Amazing 3-D rotating Plasma Cannon" from Gregg Eshelman. It's a 367k animation, and I don't think it's been compressed. I'd have compressed it myself, but I don't know how because all evidence to the contrary, I'm an idiot. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to learn anything new right now. Anyway, you've got the link, go have a look.

In other news, my brother Randy of Randym Thoughts fame is sick, and asked me to do a guest strip for him. So I did.

Incidentally, that Garrens show I mentioned on the 19th was fantastic. They packed the house three times, had the audience practically rolling in the aisles, and even managed to keep me entertained, even though I'd seen all but two of the sketches countless times before. If you're ever in Provo, Utah (home of Brigham Young University, my alma mater, if you must know) on a Friday, be sure to make it to a Garrens show. And if you're not planning on ever being in Provo, Utah, check out www.garrens.com. The ".com" stands for ".comedy!"