January 27, 2001

You know how sometimes on the radio you'll hear a caller dedicate a song to someone who might or might not be listening to the station at that time?

Well, this open letter is like that. I've seen some message board and fan mail traffic lately indicating that somebody on the Traveller Mailing List happened across Schlock Mercenary and started a discussion of the science. I've not been a party to the discussion, but I've seen some amazing science come off of those lists and make its way onto the wide world of the web, including a treatise on using a can of ravioli as a weapon (which may make its way onto Chalain's Science Corner if we can ever properly credit the author.) Anyway, I finally got the following letter from Dean:

I've been reading Schlock for a few weeks, and frankly it rocks. There has been a lot of discussion of the strip on my mailing list recently... I think the first was my post on near-C rocks. Could you say hi to the guys on the TML for me (I need to find a way to end this sentence with the word 'rocks')

And so, big plasma-powered howdy goes out to the fine folks on the Traveller Mailing List. You people play a smart, smart game, and I'm proud to find at least a few of you perusing my schlock. Someday when I'm a full-time cartoonist (if you tell all your friends about this strip, that day will come sooner rather than later), and I've got time for RPG's again, I expect an invitation to one of your games. And you need to let me bring the BH-209i with me. I'll leave the Teraport at home... I can understand you disallowing that. And if you've been having fun discussing Schlock Mercenary science, there's a great episode starting Sunday that involves Really Big Explosives.