January 27, 2004

Win Free Artwork III: Night of the Lipoproteins

It's time now for the THIRD ANNUAL "guess Howard's cholesterol" contest...

THE PRIZE: A free inked drawing on 5"x8" Bristol Board of a Schlock Mercenary character of your choice.

TO WIN: You must guess my serum cholesterol level, as measured by a third-party. You must be willing to provide me with a mailing address or PO BOX in order to collect your prize. The winner will be announced THIS FRIDAY...

TO PLAY: You must be registered with the KeenSpot Forums. You must then post one and only one guess in this thread. Registering multiple nicks to log multiple guesses is cheating, and disqualifies you.

You must not pick a number that's been picked already, and if you do (don't be careless!) and that number was the winner, the first person who picked that number wins. If two guesses are equidistant from the correct number (like if 575 and 577 were guesses, and by some curse of cholesterol-generating voodoo I come in at 576) then the LOW guess wins.

2002's winner guessed 256 against a measured value of 258. 2003's winning number was 243.

During my fitness appraisal Monday morning I tipped the scales at 177lbs, and was told that 30% of that was something called "body fat." In the last three weeks I've been eating low-carb style, but with veggies and more reasonable amounts of super-fatty stuff like bacon, chupaquesos than the last times I've done this diet. That said, I've had the Carl's Jr Low-Carb Six-Dollar Burger no fewer than four times in the last seven days.

Note: 30% of 177 means I'm carting around just over fifty pounds of Grade A Choice human lard. Yum!