I will draw Jay Lake kicking cancer's ass

An update: if the donations hit $37k, I will draw Jay Lake kicking cancer's ass.

There may not be actual kicking, or an actual ass, but by the very loosest definitions of all the words in that sentence (and a pretty tight definition of "I will draw a picture") that's what you'll get.

As of this writing we are less than $5,000 away from that mark. Which means, really, I shouldn't say "if," I should say "when."

This in turn means that I'm going to be drawing this sometime tomorrow, or maybe Sunday. If I can find a charitable videographer, the process will be recorded, and then maybe time-lapsed and overlaid with commentary, because that would be extra-double-plus-awesome.

UPDATE, Jan 12, 10am: Volunteer Videographer unlocked! The time-lapse project will happen Sunday at 5pm, and air sometime early next week, assuming you fine folks can unlock ME.

UPDATE, JAN 12, 12:45pm: Drawing has been unlocked! I was already planning on it, but now it's official.