July 02, 2001

Whoa... two entrys in as many days! If you don't stop by on the weekends, be sure to page back to yesterday's O.L. to see what I had to say about allergies and racism.

And now, on with today's letter. I'd like to announce that I won an award from the community of cartoonists of which I'm a de facto member.

See? "Best Cameo" it says. This was for my appearance in my own strip on Web Cartoonists Awareness Day back on May 5th. Apparently they liked it so much that I was the only nominee who got enough votes to make it into the final round.

"Only nominee..." Hang on... maybe the honor isn't as prestigious as I thought it was.

Bah! I'm STILL proud of it, and I'm happy to have it because that strip is one of my own personal favorites. It's not every day that you get to let your own creation threaten you with a handheld beam weapon. Besides, I'm excited to have been a part of this peer-award thing the first time around, and plan to take part in the future--if only to vote for my peers (and some of my favorite strips took home awards, which makes me happy.)

Speaking of awards, my sister-in-law (the purty lady who married my brother Randy) won an Emmy for a documentary film she produced. I'd post a link, but I don't have one besides the link to Randy's comic, and I've linked to that plenty lately. Y'all know where it is.

In other news, I'm feeling much better now that I'm out of the mountains, although I did discover that the pollen (or whatever) that I'm allergic to followed me home in my camping gear. When we unloaded the MAV (Mormon Assault Vehicle... it's a 1984 GMC Suburban with a 1993 Chevy Small-block fuel-injected engine) I started sneezing again. This means that when the rest of the reunion clan shows up at my house for "Reunion II: this time it's personal," I'm going to immediately strip them, send them straight to the showers, and then throw all of their clothing in the laundry (or the buck-stove, depending on the level of contamination.)

There's nothing like forcing your in-laws to get naked on their way into your home to build those familial bonds... (note: the emmy-award-winning 'purty lady' from paragraph five above will not be one of the naked pollen-bearing people staying in my home. Just so you know.)