July 02, 2004

Big Weekend

If you've been following the updates in my Live Journal you've probably still got no idea that my weekend began Wednesday afternoon. Novell declared a company holiday of sorts on Thursday, and then I threw in a vacation day to cover the Friday, so that the Monday holiday would come at the end of a five-day weekend rather than a three-day weekend. Not bad. Granted, I still have a conference call with some folks in South Africa Friday morning, but I may just decide to answer the phone in my pajamas. I'm not coming into the office for it.

The buffer stands at 10 right now, and I plan to spend the rest of this weekend cranking it up to at least 18. I can't think of a better way to celebrate Independence Day than with a proper work ethic. (And some fireworks, and a small family barbecue).

Fandemonium pre-registration has opened. This first-time convention in Boise (August 13-15 at the Red Lion downtown) promises to be loads of fun. I'm taking my whole family. My wife, lover, and best friend (yes, they're all the same person) will get to meet some fans and see me do my schtick in public. My kids will, too, although I have no idea what they'll make of all this.