July 09, 2001

After something like 10 days away from work, I'm back in my office today. My vacation should have been long enough, except for all the vomiting. I know, I know... I've probably already said too much.

Anyway, I've got my work cut out for me this week. Not only do I need to catch up in day-job land, but I need to build up the ol' buffer (schlock-absorber?) so that I can enjoy my trip to Comic-Con International. That's right--I'll be there, probably hanging at the KeenSpot booth for quite a while, but definitely roaming the convention floor and checking out the neat stuff. Oh, and I'll have T-shirts there.

"T-shirts? What's that you say?"

Ah. I see I have your attention now. Yes, I'll have Schlock Mercenary T-shirts to sell at the 'Con. And any I bring home unsold will be available for purchase online. As soon as the local shirt-folk deliver them to me I'll try and get a picture and post it so you'll know what you're in for. And don't worry--in the unlikely event that I sell out I WILL be printing more up, so one way or another, you'll be able to get your hands on one (and for a reasonable price, too!)