July 09, 2004

Never Mind on the Buffer-Fu

Sandra and the kids are off to Boise for the weekend. I don't do well alone -- it's only been half a day, and I've already gotten nothing done. I can tell already that buffer attrition is all that'll happen this weekend ANYWAY.

So... as of this writing, the plan is to throw a change of clothes into Turboschlock after work on Friday, and drive 5 hours to Boise. I'll spend Saturday with the family, check out the nice Disc Golf course they have at Ann Morrison Park, and then drive back home Sunday.

Schlock fans in Boise should email me NOW. We can get together sometime Saturday for eats, or Disc Golf, or something, but only if I've got your contact info.

The buffer will hit 12 before I get back on top of it. Oh well. I need my family around me this weekend.