July 18, 2001

Comic-con! I am SO there...

Should you feel inclined to meet me, I'll be available for autographs, thrown money, and general bowing and scraping in the KeenSpot booth for at least four hours each day. The booth is at the opposite end of the building from Artist's Alley, along the wall (almost all the way at the end where the Art Gallery is.) We're across the aisle from Image comics, and right next to the bathrooms. Stop by--we'll post a schedule. My plan is to be in town for a little bit on Preview Night (Wednesday the 18th) and then all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday you'll have to arm-wrestle me for. I think I'll be wanting to go home by then.

"Thrown money?" you exclaim in shock! "Do I get any value for my coin-of-the-realm?" Well, let's talk merchandise for a moment. I'm bringing 100 shirts with me and the conference-only, special-smecial price is $10 (sorry, no checks, credit cards, trades, or death-threats accepted). That price gets you a Fruit-of-the-Loom Lof-Tees white shirt with a big cast picture in full color (process printing, not that cheapo Cafepress heat transfer stuff) on the front, and if you buy it when I'm around (or happen to have it about your person should you bump into me) I'll personalize it for you with a nice signature in permanent laundry marker. I've got 10 mediums, 10 larges, and 80 XLs... if you are a smaller person, or like that tight-white-t-shirt fit, stop by early.

The price also includes CA state sales tax, tag, title, and any outstanding warrants or bounties. I'm making it as easy as possible for you. Just swap me a ten-spot, or two fives, and you'll walk away with a dang handsome shirt.

For those of you NOT coming to the 'con, I'll be bringing leftover shirts back home and I'll sell them from the web via Pay-Pal or Amazon. If there are no leftovers, I'll be printing up another run (and I'll be able to afford to, because I will have SOLD the entire first run... that's economics for you). Regardless, the post-con, non-special, must-include-shipping-and-handling price will be $15.

Oh, I'll also have full-color business cards at the con. They might make a nice collector's item, what with them having actual reproductions of my colored artwork on them, and best of all, they're FREE.

Now I'll be the first to admit that my artwork is on the low end of the old skill-scale, and at this 'con there will be REAL artists there who by the simple act of juxtaposition or gestured comparison can expose my work as the schlock that it is. Nevertheless and notwithstanding, if you catch me at the table with free time, I may do character sketches for money. After all, I am a schlock mercenary, and I'm proud of it.