July 19, 2004

Fan Art, Fandemonium

Cas Allen, a new reader whose boyfriend hooked her on the strip, wrote to shower me with praise (an experience I never tire of, just for the record) and included some fan art with it.

You like? I like. There's more stuff like that in the Fan Art Gallery. It starts here with a piece by my then-five-years-old daughter, and like a true museum you just have to walk through it one room at a time. No thumbnails.

In just under a month I'll be at Fandemonium, the first-time Science-Fiction/Fantasy/Comics/Manga/Anime/Gaming/Tabletop/RPG convention in Boise, Idaho. I met with the organizers last weekend, and I can tell it's going to be a really, really good time.

This Saturday, July 24th, they're having a Fundraiser Garden Party. If you live in the Boise area and want to get involved, the party is at 1810 W. Bannock St. (off State/18th) in Boise There's a $5 cover to get in, and lots of fun stuff going on, including fortune telling, pudding wrestling, and a Kissing Booth. You'll also be able to pre-register for the 'con. The deadline for pre-registration is July 31st.

Speaking of fandom, I, Robot is the #1 movie from this weekend (domestic gross box-office), and Spider-Man 2 is #2. Science fiction and comic books RULE.