July 19, 2005

Separation, Type 1
entry, July 19, 2005

If you've been following the blow-by-blow over at howardtayler.livejournal.com, you know the latest on my shoulder injury. Long story short, I can still draw, and there will be no guest week, hiatus, or other such insertion. The buffer stands at 11 as of this writing, and I'm hale enough to start buffer building in short order.

The injury is a "Type 1 separated shoulder," or a nondisplaced sprain of the acromioclavicular ligament. That there is fancy doctor-talk for "nothing got torn, nothing is hanging loose, but it'll hurt like raw Hell on sticky rice for a week or two."

That's really all there is to say on the matter. My ramblings, some of which were drug-induced, can all be found in the Live Journal, and I'm far too tired right now to start repeating myself. If you want to read it, the link up there will suffice. If you want to learn more about separated shoulders, this is a good place to start. I especially like this diagram:

See the little "owie" lines emerging from the sprained spot in the Type 1 diagram? As a cartoonist who has suffered from that particular injury, I feel quite qualified to tell you THOSE LINES ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH. The fact that the other, more severe separations have no "owie" lines at all tells me that the person who created this diagram has never separated his/her shoulder. There should be stars and some of those #%@&ing profanyms all over page, with increasing frequency as you move from left to right. That Type 6 thing should have vultures, or maybe a nice tombstone animated down in the corner.

In other news... hrrmm... I don't know. I've been out of the loop for four days. I'll have to get back to you on that. I really have no idea what's going on outside my own little sphere.