July 21, 2002

I have one more bit of happy news for KeenSpot PREMIUM subscribers: You can now surf all of the latest Schlock Mercenary content on a single page. I call this "One-Stop," and each day it will feature the current strip, the latest entry, and the latest Premium Gallery entry -- complete with navigation buttons for each stack of content, so you can page back and see what you've missed.

How about some non-exclusive news? I'm hitting the road today for a quick business trip to the other side of the Mississippi (the east side). I'll be in DC on Sunday and Monday, and then in Nashville on Tuesday, meeting with day-job clientele, and most probably wearing a suit.


The good news is that just over a week after my return from Nashville, I'll be road-tripping it to San Diego for the 2nd Annual KeenCon (also known as Comic-Con International). I'll be there from Wednesday the 31st through at least Saturday the 3rd of August, and if you're going to be in the area, by all means, stop by the KeenSpot booth.

Here is a map. We've colored KeenSpot a nice shade of green so you can find it. There will be Keentoonists from both the 'Spot and the 'Space, loads of swag including books, hats, and original artwork, and I have it on good authority that there will be new Schlock Mercenary T-Shirts, too.

(For those of you holding out for XXL and XXXL shirts, this next run will include those sizes in both the original design and the new, yet-to-be-unveiled design. I'll rip the veil off just before the 'Con...)

It's been a busy week, and a very busy day. I'm still 35 days ahead in the Buffer (and the Gallery has a 35-day buffer, too!), but I'm exhausted, and I still have to pack. Here's hoping that if I forget my toothbrush, I remember to not breathe on the clients.