July 25, 2004

Mad Props! Mad Props!

Okay, I have no idea how the praise "mad props" came to mean "praise," but I'm going to try to sound hip and use it anyway.

First and foremost, my peers in the Webcartooning community are dishing out da mad props today as part of the 2004 Web Cartoonists Choice Awards. Schlock Mercenary won "Outstanding Science Fiction Comic." See the banner way down at the bottom of this page from 2003? I'll be replacing it with this one for 2004.

Just because I've won for a couple of years running doesn't make it mean any less to me. I'm trying hard to write the best Science Fiction your webcomic browsing can buy, and I'm pleased as punch that my peers think I've pulled it off again this year.

Does "pleased as punch" sound hip to you?

Now it's my turn to dish. See, there are a couple of webcomics I've picked up on recently. The first is Wapsi Square, by Paul Taylor (no relation -- note the way he misspells his surname). You want hip? This comic is da bomb, baby. From his energetic line art right through to his sexy, stylish characters, he delivers the goods. Best of all, he's now doing it five days a week. I have no idea where the comic's name comes from, or where he's taking this funny little rock soap opera, but I'm along for the ride.

The second webcomic gettin' my mad props is Elf Only Inn. If you've ever hung out in a chat room, cosplayed, LARPed, or otherwise RPG'd IRL; if you know how to spell "LOL" and have ever caught yourself saying the letters "WTF" in real life; if l33t-speak inspires you to an angry sort of pity, and you've ever wondered if kids these days don't get shift keys with their computers, you MUST read Josh Sortelli's comic about the "Elf Only Inn" chat room. Josh is teh fnuny!!11LOL@@! (I'm hip NOW, baby)

This comic has a special place in my heart not just because I can see myself in it (me AND my pals from #schlock_mercenary on Nightstar.net.) Josh's art has come a long, LONG way since the comic's inception in 2002. Okay, perhaps his art hasn't come quite as far as my own has, but that's because he started at least halfway further up on the ladder.

That's all the news that's fit to print today. For the stuff that ain't check out my Live Journal.