Books Arriving Late, Vacation Ended On Time

We were expecting books to arrive early this last week. They will actually arrive this coming Tuesday. This means that starting Wednesday, and taking Sundays off, I have ten days to sketch in about a thousand books.

It's okay. I can do this. I am a MACHINE. 

Speaking of which, on Saturday I penciled and inked an entire week of comics putting the inked buffer up to 49 -- seven full weeks of daily comics. Then Sunday's strip aired and the buffer dropped to 48. This sort of thing happens to me pretty regularly, but it still gets me down. I swear, I lose ground on the buffer EVERY SINGLE DAY. It's crazy. It's like having to do the dishes again, except that with the amount of buffer work and book sketching that I need to do I'm currently off of the dish rotation. 

(By "currently" I mean, "I asked Sandra to do my dishes today and she said yes. I plan to try again next Saturday. Cross your fingers.")

I guess my point is that between now and the 25th I'm busy. If my blogging gets a little sparse you can watch the Twitter feed, or maybe add me to a circle on Google Plus. I may be too busy to blog, but I'm rarely too busy to make any noise at all.