June 01, 2004


It took me 36 hours to work up to it, but today I demonstrated that my buffer-fu is mighty. Saturday evening I did some coloring, which is mostly relaxing work. Sunday I wrote and polished scripts so that I had everything laid out in front of me. Monday I cranked.

My Memorial Day observances were quiet -- I stayed home and reflected, at times watching the flag in the front yard flap gently in the breeze. That symbol flies in so many places, in so many circumstances... I'm honored to be able to put it up in the yard where it can fly peacefully and proudly.

Anyway, before you go thinking that I spent the whole day in reflection, I didn't. As I said above, I cranked. I pencilled and inked nine rows of Schlock Mercenary, which comes out to seven days of buffer-busting action. I turned "twelve" into "nineteen."

Of course, today is TUESDAY, and that means Mister Time has turned "nineteen" into "eighteen," and I'm out of scripts.

That might frighten mere mortal cartoonists, but my buffer-fu is strong. I've been fighting Mister Time for almost four years now, and nine days ago I drew the fourth anniversary strip. The only way Mister Time can catch me is if he can find a way to kill me.

(Somebody knock on wood, quick.)