June 12, 2005

Five Years... THANK YOU!!
entry, Sunday, June 12th, 2005

Today Schlock Mercenary turns five years old. It's older than my two youngest children. I've spent more time on this than on any other single project in my whole life, with the exception of "being married" and "raising a family."

Some of you have been reading this strip for nearly the whole five years. Some of you have been around for three years or more. Some of you got to read the whole five years' worth in one sitting just last night (and now you need to go to BED). All of you get a big, hearty "thank you" from me.

Thank you! You've made my life wonderful. Creating this strip is a reward in and of itself, but being able to work as a cartoonist full-time for the last nine months has probably saved my life, my marriage, and my family.

Thank you! There's no way I could do this professionally without the tens of thousands of you readers, and your accumulated ad impressions, merchandise purchases, and generous donations.

Thank you! I'm flattered and honored that you give me permission to hold captive a portion of your precious imagination each day.

Thank you! My contacts with you, whether through email, the forums, or in person, bears me up through hard times, and reminds me that I'm not just producing a mindless little spot of entertainment for you... I'm bearing some of YOU up through hard times.

Thank you for everything -- from your enthusiasm and your financial support, to the awareness that cartooning can be as much a sacred responsibility as a job.

That said, it's time for me to get busy on the next five years.