June 13, 2002

What a response! I got all kinds of nice email from folks wishing Schlock Mercenary a happy birthday.

My favorite by far had a picture attached to it. I love fan art (except that it makes work for me, because I feel obliged to eventually give it a good home, and all that HTML editing strains my puny mind), and this has a lot of love put into it.

Roland Hansson created this delightful piece in tribute, and better still, he did it when he SHOULD have been working on his OWN strip, Golden Age of Adventuring. Ah well. Artists have to draw, and sometimes they have to draw what wants to be drawn. I can't help it if he wanted to draw Schlock instead of wizards and water-nymphs. Happens to me all the time.

In fairness, I've been sitting on a piece of Fan Art that I really should have published before now. It's been right there on my desktop since April, and it's worth posting in spite of the fact that it has nothing to do with "Happy Birthday to Schlock," and more to do with "pants."

Caleb Sevcik is an excellent cartoonist whose artwork is worthy of far more elegant subjects than, say, 'schlock.' He helped me name Sergeant Flib Shv'uu last year sometime, and I helped him name this piece of fan art. In the time I've known him he's worked on several excellent comics, and he'll be debuting I Am a Rocket at Modern Tales on July 1st. For now, you can find most of his work if you start at highfalutin.keenspace.com.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes, folks. Here's hoping I've got another decade at least to mature this artwork.