June 18, 2004

Not Lazy, Just Busy

Help me out, wouldja? I need a couple of things. See, I'm going to be arriving in Hague on Tuesday morning, and I'd really like to a) play a round of Disc Golf somewhere in Hague, and b) buy a really cool pair of New Rock boots. If I'm armed with addresses and things I can get my hosts to haul me someplace (or I can take a train, or maybe a cab), but I haven't had time to make a really good search, and I don't speak Netherlandese, or Luxembourgish, or Belgiummy, or whatever it is that gets schprechen there. Honestly, I'm not too lazy to do this myself -- just too busy.

Speaking of my trip to Hague, I've been both honored by and amused at the hype around this GroupWise Advisor Summit Europe event. Every blurb I read about it begins with "come listen to Howard Tayler" and then goes on to talk about how I'm a "top Novell insider," or says something else similarly flattering. I wish the photograph of me was a little better, but there was no time to get a good one (I snapped that myself). Sure, sure, I could go out and get a decent headshot, but I won't. I'm not lazy, mind you -- just busy.

I owe the folks at Linucon a nice banner ad. I hope to get it done this weekend, but until then, go check out their site and if you are going to be anywhere near Austin the weekend of October 8th, you ought to consider going. This is a first-run convention, and that means piles of enthusiasm, new friends to be made everywhere, and they're desperate enough to invite me as a featured guest. (Guys, I really will get that banner ad done. I'm not lazy -- just busy.)

Yeesh. There's a SECOND con I owe some artwork to, and that one is coming up in August. Go visit the Fandemonium site, and know that if you live near Boise, that will be the coolest place for 250 miles in any direction on the weekend of August 13th. I've got all sorts of convention plans for that one, since my wife and kids will be able to attend, but I've put the planning on hold for at least a couple of weeks. You know the drill. I'm not lazy -- just busy.

(There are a few of you out there who sent me cool stuff for my birthday. I have your artwork. You'll get it. I'm not saying when though, and since the gag's gotten stale, I'm not even saying why.)