June 21, 2004

On The Road, AGAIN.

Monday morning I fly to The Hague.

That sentence is deceptive. Monday morning I get on the plane. Tuesday morning in Amsterdam I get off of a different plane, after having spent 12 hours in the air and two laid over in JFK.

Anyway, I'm hoping that Tuesday I can go shopping in Amsterdam for a BIG pair of New Rock boots. I've got a shopping buddy lined up, and he's been to the store before. We'll see what happens.

Wednesday and Thursday will be spent in The Hague at the GroupWise Advisor Summit.

Friday one of the locals wants to drive me to Cappelle to meet with the support staff. I'm trying to trick him into taking me to a park in Rotterdam either on the way over or on the way back for a round of Disc Golf. I'm only bringing three discs, and my game will probably suck hard thanks to unfamiliar territory, but it'll be exercise, and something to tell the kids.

Saturday I fly back, and thanks to the advantages afforded those heading east, I'll take off and land on the same day. Of course between 11:30am and 6pm I'll have spent 16 hours rather than the requisite 6. Or something like that. Travel math always throws me.

My layover in Cincinnati is a short one. I'm concerned that if my pond-crossing is delayed, I'll end up overnighting in the Queen City. Of course, by the time I know I'm laid up, it'll be too late to let Schlockers know I'm in town and desperate for company. Oh well. I'd have been cranky, stinky company anyway.

Interim updates to my trip can be found here. Here's hoping I'll be able to post photos of cool boots and a really, really great putt.

The buffer is going to hit 7 next Saturday, and almost certainly drop to 5 before I've got a chance to ink the next strip in my queue. It wouldn't surprise me if it dropped all the way to two, though. Fortunately, the week I return is a short one followed by a five-day weekend (Thurs-Mon), so there'll be plenty of relaxing time spent drawing, scripting, and coloring your fix you thankless junkies.

(I'm just kidding about the thankless part.)