Keeping Score

For those who are interested, I've got a Live Journal that I am updating regularly for the next 12 days or so in order to "keep score" on the work I do before departing for Worldcon. It's like this. In order to attend, I really need to have most of the book put to bed, and I need three weeks of buffer colored and uploaded... all by about 3:00pm on August 23rd. I did the math a few days ago, and counted the "rows" required to get all that done. For the uninitiated,scripting a strip is one "row" of work. So is pencilling. A week of Schlock, therefore, is 36 rows. A page of Bonus Story is 16 rows. By that reckoning, as of Monday night I had 236 rows of work to do... in 14 workdays. So... you can follow my progress at The current score is 166 rows left, and 10 workdays left.