Kicking Up Steam, and Learning to Kick

This spring I went to the World Steam Expo and had a great time hanging out with some airship privateers under the command of my good friend Sal Sanfratello. Well, Sal and several like-minded steam fans have decided that Michigan still needs a good steampunk event (World Steam won't be back, apparently), so they're applying their not-insignificant organizational skills to the launch of a new event, Up in the Aether, scheduled for Memorial Day weekend of 2013.

If you're in the Michigan area, and if you like steampunk, or even just general nerd culture, I believe "Up in the Aether" will be worth your time. I trust Sal to put together a tight event.

The Kickstarter page for Up in the Aether is right here. Many details still need to be shaken out, but if you throw just a couple of dollars their way you're plugged in to the system (especially the system for leaving comments!) and you can always up your pledge later. 

And speaking of Kickstarter (which a lot of people seem to be doing) my friend Richard Bliss, host of the Funding The Dream podcast, is hosting a Webinar Tuesday morning at 9am Pacific.

It's free, but you do need to register. A lot of people are talking about Kickstarter these days, yes, but Richard has his fingers on the pulse of things, and has things to teach you. If you're planning to run a Kickstarter project of your own, this event falls under "due diligence." Don't miss it.

I'll be listening in, because while I have a single successful Kickstarter project under my belt, it wasn't really MY belt, and there are still plenty of things for me to learn before I tackle another project. And yes, I have other projects in mind.