Kickstarting STRIPPED

My friend and fellow-toonist Dave Kellett has a project on Kickstarter, and I think you might be interested in it. It's called STRIPPED, and it is a documentary about cartoonists. 

Follow the link for a page with more details, along with teaser footage.

Dave and Fred already put hundreds of hours of their own time and thousands of dollars of their own money into the project collecting footage as they traveled the country interviewing cartoonists. Now they need to hire some help to put the whole thing together. This project promises to have serious polish, which is awesome since the content is already wonderful.

It is remotely possible that I am biased. 

It is reasonably likely that part of the editing budget will go towards pruning me out of the picture altogether.

Neither of these are good reasons for not contributing. Get on it, folks. If you love comics you'll love this.