Kiki's Para

Keliana hadn't finished coloring Tagon last week when she started begging for me to draw Para Ventura. In her defense, she is a fourteen-year-old girl, and loves to see empowered girls in comics. She's also my daughter. How could I possibly deny her this? So I drew Para Ventura in a fairly empowered pose. Keliana colored her last night, using pictures from my iPhone as color reference. Also, she canonized Para's eye-color: brown. Para Ventura, pencils & inks by Howard Tayler, colors by Keliana This piece is up on eBay now. The auction winner will own the original, but we will retain the right to reproduce it for merchandising purposes. It's a really, really nice piece. On a semi-related note, the iPhone app that Keliana was using for reference pictures is an alpha version of the Schlock Mercenary Reader for iPhone. The pictures are 22% larger than the ones you find on the site here, and with the high pixel density of the iPhone screen the comic looks really, really sharp. Also, this application will let you see into the future... but not yet, because this is the alpha version. Maybe we'll have a public beta.