Kubo and the Two Strings

KuboAndTheTwoStringsSee Kubo and the Two Strings before it leaves theaters.


I don’t have any skin in the game here, but I feel like this film deserves more attention than it is getting.

I loved it. The artistry involved is absolutely stunning. Aside from being a really good story, told well, it happens to be unflinchingly beautiful. Like all stop-motion films, it was built frame by frame, and in this case the filmmakers took the opportunity to make every frame gorgeous. I think any still from this movie could be ink-jetted onto canvas and hung on my wall.

From a critical standpoint, I didn’t know what to expect, and I felt like our “inciting incident” came later than it should have. I suspect that’s just the weight of other films, and the indoctrination they’ve left on me.

Kubo and the Two Strings easily clears my Threshold of Awesome.